“Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters.”

Creating a life that works is something different for each soul! Through my coaching company, I have had the privilege and honor of empowering others to live a life that works for them. I have seen others leave careers that were no longer working or that truly never worked to begin with. In over ten years of coaching, I have partnered with people to win in many areas, such as: weight loss , athletic success, career change, better self-care, and love relationships. I have seen people discover creative
gifts and talents, pursue dreams, and achieve a higher sense of self-identity. I have taught the program I wrote, Inside Out Connection, to over 500 people and have seen others give up dieting, lose weight and end the struggle for life!  This particular journey is incredible and possible.  Through sunflowersbeing chosen to be 
mentored by Bruce Wilkinson I have had the privilege of seeing hundreds of others pursue their dreams and overcome any giants and roadblocks along the way. Lastly, its just awesome to be happier and healthier, isn’t it? 

LifeWorks was established in my soul because I truly believe that people can make their life work. They can be a brighter and more beautiful presence in this world.

Thanks for stopping by. Come begin the next part of your journey. Why not?

 Just sayin’!


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