May 2013

Birds are out, they are singing, flowers are blooming, blah, blah, blah.
And then…you are just having one of those days; we know what that means. And a bird attacks my head!And I think, “that” did not just happen.  And then it happens again, only this time, the bird lands in my messy hair which I already felt was a nightmare anyway because it got wet in Yoga and I did not have time to fix it and make it all cute.  So, I guess the bird thought my hair was a bird’s nest? I’m loving Spring in that moment? Ha, Ha.So, as I head into the restaurant to get a glass of wine, or iced tea or something, I decided to sit down in the courtyard of the restaurant. At that moment, the comedy began.  I begin to observe that as people are entering the restaurant they are being attacked by that same bird.  People are ducking, running, and trying to get out of the bird’s way.  Now the whole sight is like a vaudeville skit.

I watch how each person responds: some ducked; some laughed’ some tried to swat at the bird.  The point is that in the same situation each person was responding differently. As a life coach, I was very interested in peoples’ responses.


Then the waitress came over and said: “Oh yes!  This scene has been going on for a while because the mother bird, the attacker, has her nest next to the restaurant and she is guarding her babies.  I remember the day I cried over the situation when she landed on my head and pooped.  I felt like I was the only person in the whole world; why me? I hugged that waitress and told her I had just felt the same exact feeling. In that moment I realized a few fundamental truths:
1. We are never alone, and when we share we are reminded of our connections which bring us a sense of community.
2. Everything in nature protects what is important to itself.
3. When I shared my thoughts, the waitress was able to share her thoughts.
4. Life can be really funny when birds are attacking your head and landing in your hair.In other words, we need to laugh!  Laugh at everything and anything. I love all of you and I hope you continue to find humor in any situation.
You can find out about the following spring events:
“Strong Self versus Weak Self”
Leave this workshop with a customized journal to write down all you learned that day; write about how you can make peace with both parts of yourself.
Look also for the “Inside Out Connection,” a class which heals and restores your relationship with food and empowers you to never diet again. Looking forward to what summer might bring :)Please send me over what you are looking forward to this summer. I shall compile a list and we can all be inspired.Love
Coach Heather Justine Stolte

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