April 2014

Two months ago, I planted flowers.  The delicate yellow and white flowers were in a large case and I took each one and placed it in the rich soil into the earth.  As I did so, I used a very special mixture of water and vitamin B.  The vitamin B helps the roots adjust to the new home and allows the shock of the experience for the delicate flowers to be not as harsh.  To be transplanted without vitamin B would be very traumatic for the tiny flowers.

This experience of pouring the mixture on the little roots reminded me that as humans we are just as delicate.  When we experience tragedy, change, relocate, re-settle or uproot any part of our life, we also need “vitamin B”.  This vitamin B may be a hug from a friend, touch from a loved one, reaching out to family, our connection with God, or the loving and supportive voices of strangers.  Humans tend to go into a survival mode where we only rely on ourselves.  The “vitamin B” of life is the connection with those who want to help and support us.  Life does not have to be traumatic when we have our “vitamin B”, and our roots can reach down, dig deeper and grow to further nurture and sustain us. I have found that nature, the ocean, dancing, singing, music, swimming, running, animals, friendship and reading uplifting pieces of literature are my vitamin B.

What is your Vitamin  B, what do you need to grow, prosper and thrive in change or anytime?

Looking this morning at the tiny yellow and white flowers…I see that they are growing, thriving, blossoming and reaching out to new heights.

Happy Spring, Love Coach Heather

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