Fall 2016


pumpkinWith the slight chill entering the nights, brightly colored leaves adorning the sidewalks and a clean crisp feel to the air, fall has “fallen” upon us.  As we enter stores and see pumpkins and jack lanterns, specials for cranberry sauce, we know that Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner.  With the change of seasons comes an invitation to change us.  Each season extends its blessings as a way to give us the opportunity to change.

“The first step toward change is acceptance.  Once you accept yourself, you open the door to change. That’s all you have to do.  Change is not something you do, its something you allow.”

Author unknownsunflowers

How would it feel to embrace and accept yourself while you are working on change?  Replacing that inner critic with a softer more gentle voice of encouragement and support. 

Coaching Questions

  • What do you feel inspired to do to change in your life?
  • How would acceptance allow you to grow vs. force?


heather-with-sunflowersLife Works invites you to take one step this month towards acceptance and one step towards change.


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