Spring 2018

Are Dreams Important?

For a moment, consider your dreams. Do you spend time with them? Are they important to you? Have they fallen aside in exchange by the busyness, pressures, responsibilities and roles you have chosen for your life? When was the last time you explored and invested time and energy into expanding and making your dreams possible?

Each one of us is uniquely created. Each one of us has inside of us talents, gifts and qualities that only we possess. When you express those, how does it feel? When I have asked this question to my clients over the years, they say, “amazing”. Whether you are a leader in an organization, a musician, a writer, a coach, a massage therapist, when you are doing that with your life that you are uniquely wired to do, it feels “real”. There is a feeling of being in sync with yourself that gives you energy and happiness.

Our dreams are no different; they are unique and as important as anything else about us. Why you might ask? Have you ever been around someone who is living their dream? They are sparkling, happy to get up in the morning, feel in sync with themselves, there is a flow about them and less struggle. I love being around people like that … their energy is intoxicating! Certainly, each one of us has many dreams inside, but I bet if you got really quiet, you would touch upon one that stands out beyond the others. This dream feels different than anything else you ponder or consider, and gives you energy, excitement and hope when you allow yourself to think about it. This dream inside of you requires time, attention and space to nurture it, grow it, and move towards it.

What would it look like to take one step towards that dream?

I understand the fear, anxiety and feelings involved with following your dream. When I left corporate training to begin the journey to become a life coach years ago, when no one really knew what life coaching was, certainly I had fears. But the bigger fear for me was not doing what God was calling me to do, that was scarier than all the steps I took to follow the dream inside of me. When I look back, I would choose the fear of leaving my comfort zone, I would choose the strength, courage and skills developed within my character as I stepped into the unknown and out of the known to follow my dream. I have learned that once you step into this life of following your dreams, there is no going back. Even if you are someone like me that does not always embrace change in the most stylish way, not changing becomes more painful.

Coach Heather


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