A Guide to a Positive Approach to Stress

A Guide to a Positive Approach to Stress by Heather Justine Stolte
A Guide to a Positive Approach to Stress
by Heather Justine Stolte Illustrations © Jill Griffith

This delightful, artistically illustrated, and interactive journal will guide you through your responses to stress, as well as symptoms and factors that contribute to stress. You will be provided fresh new tools and insights to live a more balanced and healthy life. Insight offered from both a health/wellness coach as well as licensed therapist.

Price: $24.95 plus tax within California
Shipping $3.50

Jill Griffith’s original art work and Coach Heather’s powerful coaching questions are now available together on convenient wallet sized laminated cards. Priced at $12.00 for a box of 8.

To order, contact Coach Heather at Lifeworks.


“I felt like the book was written for me and about me! I have already begun to practice new ways of handling my daily life and am feeling much better! My husband noticed I have been more relaxed.” -Barbara, San Diego

“When I saw the cover of the octopus holding a cell phone, baby bottle and book, I felt like you understood my life! I love the illustrations and they make each chapter come alive to me.” -Karyn, Seattle

“As a woman, this book is especially helpful in its discussion of the cultural influences that lead women to believe we have to ‘do it all.’ Reading the book and working through its exercises helped me to understand specific ways to handle stress and the role of our own perspective when in these situations, including ways to shift to a more positive view.” -Steph, San Diego