Spring 2018

Are Dreams Important?

For a moment, consider your dreams. Do you spend time with them? Are they important to you? Have they fallen aside in exchange by the busyness, pressures, responsibilities and roles you have chosen for your life? When was the last time you explored and invested time and energy into expanding and making your dreams possible?

Each one of us is uniquely created. Each one of us has inside of us talents, gifts and qualities that only we possess. When you express those, how does it feel? When I have asked this question to my clients over the years, they say, “amazing”. Whether you are a leader in an organization, a musician, a writer, a coach, a massage therapist, when you are doing that with your life that you are uniquely wired to do, it feels “real”. There is a feeling of being in sync with yourself that gives you energy and happiness.

Our dreams are no different; they are unique and as important as anything else about us. Why you might ask? Have you ever been around someone who is living their dream? They are sparkling, happy to get up in the morning, feel in sync with themselves, there is a flow about them and less struggle. I love being around people like that … their energy is intoxicating! Certainly, each one of us has many dreams inside, but I bet if you got really quiet, you would touch upon one that stands out beyond the others. This dream feels different than anything else you ponder or consider, and gives you energy, excitement and hope when you allow yourself to think about it. This dream inside of you requires time, attention and space to nurture it, grow it, and move towards it.

What would it look like to take one step towards that dream?

I understand the fear, anxiety and feelings involved with following your dream. When I left corporate training to begin the journey to become a life coach years ago, when no one really knew what life coaching was, certainly I had fears. But the bigger fear for me was not doing what God was calling me to do, that was scarier than all the steps I took to follow the dream inside of me. When I look back, I would choose the fear of leaving my comfort zone, I would choose the strength, courage and skills developed within my character as I stepped into the unknown and out of the known to follow my dream. I have learned that once you step into this life of following your dreams, there is no going back. Even if you are someone like me that does not always embrace change in the most stylish way, not changing becomes more painful.

Coach Heather


Fall 2016


pumpkinWith the slight chill entering the nights, brightly colored leaves adorning the sidewalks and a clean crisp feel to the air, fall has “fallen” upon us.  As we enter stores and see pumpkins and jack lanterns, specials for cranberry sauce, we know that Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner.  With the change of seasons comes an invitation to change us.  Each season extends its blessings as a way to give us the opportunity to change.

“The first step toward change is acceptance.  Once you accept yourself, you open the door to change. That’s all you have to do.  Change is not something you do, its something you allow.”

Author unknownsunflowers

How would it feel to embrace and accept yourself while you are working on change?  Replacing that inner critic with a softer more gentle voice of encouragement and support. 

Coaching Questions

  • What do you feel inspired to do to change in your life?
  • How would acceptance allow you to grow vs. force?


heather-with-sunflowersLife Works invites you to take one step this month towards acceptance and one step towards change.


Summer 2016

Connection: the Wisdom of Managing Our Energy

roses1Summer typically is a season for connecting with others. We vacation, invite house guests, visit friends and family.  We connect with others.  We share smiles, laughter, food, stories, fun and adventure.  As we connect with others, we feel a burst of energy from relating, sharing and experiencing new and different perspectives about life. 

Recently I re-connected with a friend I have had for 23 years. After spending a few days with her in “her” life, I came away feeling lighter and happier.  Her life consists presently in raising a 2 year old. The visits to the zoo, reading stories in the evening, and going to the park to hear the ducks, all brought me to a lovely state of being and awareness this connection with my friend and her son allowed me to slow down and notice again the simple pleasures in life. It brought me energy, a sense of renewal and a fresh perspective on my own life. 

There is the connection and energy we gain from being with others, and yet there is also the connection and energy we reap from being with ourselves. By turning inward, a profound connection with ourselves allows us to have the wisdom to realize something very valuable; that it might be time to turn off the lights and rest. Managing our energy requires connecting with ourselves and deciding what is most needed by us in a given moment.

So many people give 100 percent all day long, but they never renew. Renewal can be doing yoga, getting a massage, walking by a lake, laughing with a friend, praying, turning off your cell phone, eating 5-6 mini meals a day rather than 3 large meals, going for a good run… (The Power of Full Engagement, by Jim Loehr)

Think of your energy as a resource, and you will have to decide how youroses2 will manage it. There are times to connect with others, and give and gain energy, and there is time to connect with you and renew, refresh and revitalize.

Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you’re going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus. That means asking yourself, if what I’m doing is part of my overall plan-and can I release the energy I’ll need?”
Oprah Winfrey

This summer, in the midst of connecting with others, do not forget the most important person to connect with…YOU!

Coaching Challenge:

  1. Identify someone in your life whom you feel energized after spending time with, a friend, co-worker a member of your family, and make a date to “connect” with them this summer. Experience the energy surge of spending time with them. 
  2. Schedule time to connect with yourself this summer, pay attention to your body asking for rest, and notice what brings you energy.
  3. Lastly, in all the fun and activities do not forget about the most crucial way to renew, restore and come away with huge amounts of energy….sleep!

Lots of love,

Coach Heather

Spring 2016

Cactus-1Let yourself bloom this spring!

I look at my new little cactus. Beauty and new life can grow even in the desert.

Cactus-2You may be in a desert in one area of your life, or your whole life; but that is the perfect time to find places where you can bloom. If this beautiful pink flower can bloom in the desert, just ponder how you can bloom even in areas that feel dry and barren.


Bring life and light into places so your light can shine.



Coach Heather

Winter 2016

photo by LadyDragonflyCC – >;<
photo by LadyDragonflyCC – >;<

From your coach


There are times in which we need to leave our life to be able to truly look at it at and understand where we are at and where we want to go.  This step away, can allow us to see our life in a new light. I frame this in my mind as taking a step away so that I can take a step forward.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, stressed, disconnected and stuck and then gone on vacation, took some time off, took a weekend to get away, or visited a friend’s house only to feel refreshed, renewed and inspired?  Did you notice how this resulted in increased clarity, peace and understanding? The overwhelm leaves and a fresh new perspective arises? Taking a step away, at times is the most challenging and yet most effective and efficient action we can take.

My latest “leave and look experience” came from driving myself to Los Angeles and experiencing a concert.  For me, the deeper lessons I learn about healing, life and peace arise when I am in the presence of amazing music, creating music, dancing and yoga. Sting is one of my inspirational heroes  and to leave my day to day and venture out to hear him was yet again a successful leave and look experience. Horses, riding and being with them.

Leaving and looking can look like a drive to the beach, a moment with a hot cup of tea instead of accomplishing a list of things to do, time alone in nature, being a blessing for someone else, hiking, swimming, praying, riding horses, a concert, a museum.  In fact, it only requires you to be in touch with what you need and then take action. I have a client who finds a park to be all she needs sometimes to feel more connected and grounded.

My invitation for you is to choose to not be a part of the frenzied and rushed state so many automatically fall back into… by leaving and looking in a small or big way at your life and the answers to how it can work better will come. They always do.


Coach Heather



Quotes to ponder

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” ~Erin Majors

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.” ~John Ruskin



Ten Ways to Cope with Stress

  1. Ask for help with the jobs you dislike.
  1. Break large tasks into bite-sized portions.

    photo by Miika Silfverberg
    photo by Miika Silfverberg
  1. Unclutter your life.
  1. Schedule play time into every day.
  1. Believe in you.
  1. Stop saying negative things to yourself.
  1. Have goals for yourself.
  1. Ask a friend for a hug.
  1. Practice breathing slowly.
  1. Buy yourself a flower.