Art Director Sara Balanis

Sara 1Sara’s creative pursuits began when, as a small child, she obsessed over Bob Ross and Commander Mark on PBS, and hoarded library books. At the tender age of five, she channeled her passion and wrote, illustrated, and self published a science fiction book (which her mother still keeps in a box in the closet) about a red-haired princess who married a Martian prince.

Later, Sara attended Walla Walla University (formerly Walla Walla College), where she majored in English and Art. Since graduating with a B.A. in 2005, she has taught both subjects in small, rural, private and large, urban public schools.

In October 2012, she received an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology – Las Vegas (now Sanford Brown).

She currently teaches middle school art at a large Title 1 public school in Las Vegas, NV, where she lives with her husband and their two fur babies.

When she isn’t busy planning phenomenally engaging activities for her students, she enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and making beautiful things. She is thrilled to be part of the LifeWorks team.

Her writing, fine art, and design work can be viewed on her website at

You can email Sara at