“I’ve had the pleasure to be great friends with Heather Justine Stolte for that past 2 years. Heather is kind, caring, loving, soulful and I love and appreciate her spirit with all of my heart. Heathers deep and loving connection to her friends, family and God is extremely admirable. She always brings the absolute BEST out of others. Heather has one of the biggest hearts that I know:) One year and 3 months ago Heather became my life coach in a time of personal transition. She took me though the inside out connection and it has completely transformed my life and health forever. Not only has this program aloud me to transform my personal health, I have also had the opportunity to pay it forward and now get to help others transform their mind, body & Spirit. 10 months ago I opened my first transformation center. I am forever grateful for the confidence and belief that Heather has instilled in me.”
-Teshia Nicole Campbell

Thank you for tending to the issues I have with empathy in the kindest and most honest manner. The only person I ever shared that with is my daughter. I showed her a description of an empath that I got off the internet and her eyes bugged out of their sockets which freaked me out a bit. You are so skilled but so kind. It’s very healing and very rare. Thank you.”

“Seeing a life coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Coach Heather has helped me to discover and foster the tools necessary to create the kind of life I want. By working with me and coaching me along my journey, she has helped me to realize and employ the power I have in my own life. From personal relationships to financial management to how I run my business, Heather’s advice and counseling has consistently lead to success and a feeling of inner strength.”

“The cost of hiring a life coach was a hard pill for me to swallow, but the truth is, I netted significantly more money during the time that I was coached by Heather. I attribute that directly to the coaching I received from her. Not only did my business improve, but my communication and relationships with important people in my life also improved drastically while I was being coached by her.”

“I have seen therapists before and I never felt like my time with them was enough. I always felt emotionally drained and never really felt like I moved forward or accomplished anything beyond spilling my guts. But, being coached by Heather made me feel like I had control, like I could call the shots in my life if I wanted to. I love the ‘down-and-dirty’ practical work I did with Heather – it has helped me move beyond things that have held me back in the past.”
-Cindy Sepucha, Boulder, CO

“Through Heather’s positive and inspirational coaching, I have decided to become a coach myself.”
-Dave Stillion

“My name is Lisa, and I worked with Coach Heather on what I thought was my goal of progressing musically on the piano. I thought I lacked discipline and focus and that working with a life coach could help me get organized in my practice time. What I received helped me in so many more ways than piano. I learned to address the time stealers in my day, I learned to look at the activities I do during the day that make me feel successful, as well as the activities that are self-defeating and wasteful. I learned the importance of relaxing and that its OK to start over every single day if necessary. I learned that its OK to ask for, and to need – help, that every successful person has had help along the way, no matter how independent and self reliant they appear. Her coaching was an important step along the way to becoming the me I want to be.”

“I found Heather completely by God’s grace. We partnered together in my recovery for a few years. Heather is an amazing soul with an incredible gift to bring people back to themselves in the most loving and gentle way possible. I have so many “Heather” tools in my repertoire and I use them every day. My life has become property of me and God again. Life still throws me challenges for sure, and I am so grateful that I am more of a graceful ballerina then a small scared snail! I thank God everyday that I was brought to Heather.”
-Julie Drake, high school Teacher and single Mom

“Working with Coach Heather has absolutely revolutionized my life! Before I started working with her, I knew nothing about coaching or how powerful that partnership can be. But after working with Heather, I now have a clear vision for my life and my business, and I have a strong and solid self-care plan in place. I have learned what true ‘wellness’ is from Coach Heather, and I consider it an honor to call her my coach.”
-Ginny Edwards, Life Coach
Times of Refreshing Wellness Center
“creating wellness…from the inside out”

“My mind is no longer pre-occupied with food. My body is no longer restricted by tight fitting clothes. My spirit is no longer clouded by the diversion that ‘grazing’ brought. Instead of the beckoning call of the refrigerator when I have over-committed, over stressed, or over-worked myself, I hear the tender and loving call of our savior, beckoning me to come to him for comfort and counsel. The freedom and peace is indescribable and has seeped into every area of my life. I have physically laid aside the weight of 3 dress sizes and am now spiritually decked out in my running shoes.”
-Susan, Career Coach, Author, and Presenter

“You are one of those rare people whose quiet, soulful way speaks louder than thunder – I am in awe of how well you take care of yourself without neglecting others.”
-Sharon, Doctor and Mother of 2

“This is very helpful for me. Thank you so much. There is such an incredible sense of peace and calm around you – you never fail to help pull me “out of the hole”; even when I feel so depleted that I feel that I can’t even bother to try. You remain an awesome role model and inspiration.”
-LifeWorks Client, name left out per request

“I love being able to ignore diet ads. I no longer perk up my ears, and think desperately, “Maybe this will be the one!” I learned to eat when I am hungry, stop when I am satisfied and develop successful tools to deal with my emotions . It is so refreshing to not feel like I need to start over every Monday!”
-Donali, LifeWorks Client

“Heather’s way of coaching is both extremely positive and practical. There are no problems to overcome-only wonderful opportunities to grow. She knows when to push and when to praise. She has helped me to see myself in extremely valuable and affirming ways.”
-Linda, Corporate Coach and Trainer

“Heather’s way of coaching is both extremely positive and practical. There are no problems to overcome-only wonderful opportunities to grow. She knows when to push and when to praise. She has helped me to see myself in extremely valuable and affirming ways.”
-Linda, Corporate Coach and Trainer

“Heather is a pure delight. Wise, compassionate, and intuitive, this is a woman with a deep and keen insight into the human condition. Heather mentored me through some of the most difficult times in my coaching practice and in my life, and I am ever in awe of her presence and love. I recommend her completely and without reservation.”
-Erik, Attorney

“I could not be the person I am today without your help and guidance. I look back at how things used to be with me and with different situations, and now I see how far I have come. I am more at peace with myself……”
-Doug, Software Engineer

“Heather’s energy and focus helped to sharpen mine.”
-Colleen, Mother